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Explain and Send Screenshot - Chromebook - drop down menu not showing up? - 1/2020

Hey Jason -

I've got a chromebook that should be up to date. (v77.0.3865.105)

When I click on the explain and send screen shot icon in my extension bar, instead of getting the menu drop down with the various options (like take with delay, etc), a new tab opens with the content grayed ready for me to clip it. Thus, I have no acces to the options in the drop down.

I briefly searched forum and didn't see this question asked, but may have missed it.

Please advise. This is crticial for some work I'm doing and I hope to share your extension with others on chromebooks once we get this work rolling out.




  • I'm guessing you changed the preset button action in the options, you can revert it to popup window...

  • edited January 2020

    Well that's confusing.

    I use the same google profile on multiple pcs and a chromebook. The same extensions come up in same order on each machine so I assumed all settings for the extensions would b the same. And it works fine with drop down menu (pop up menu) on the PCs

    But you are correct with your suggestion...

    On my chromebook, if I go to the three dot menu>tools>extensions>details>extension options I see what you are talking about and yep, it was set to select area. So it appears these chrome extension options are set on the machine level not the chrome browser account level and for what its worth, I dont recall changing or setting that at all.

    Also, an FYI for others, after I submitted this question, I realized if I right-clicked on your icon in the browser bar, that drop down menu I was missing actually appeared, but without the color and formatting.

    Can you tell me what system this is you are using to host your website and to manage this forum? I don't recognize either of them.



  • The site is custom made by myself and forum is Vanilla Forums

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