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Memory Leaks


Running (latest, I think), Windows 10 x64, Chrome (latest), Yahoo Webmail.

Memory leaks are horrendous. It climbs to 1GB in an hour or so. Since this laptop has the Intel 945 Mobile Express chipset, only 3GB total is available. Here is an interesting interaction.

If also running uBlock Origin with a rule for that ad, the ad is blocked but the sidebar space is not recovered. In this situation the leak is restricted to the Yahoo tab. It's easy to kill that tab in Task Manager and reload the page.

If I disable that rule in uBlock Origin, the the leak is in the main Chrome task and all tabs and all windows close when the task is killed. This causes a much slower reload.



  • I doubt it's related to my extension, they're are all undergoing zero persistence, and the Webmail Ad Blocker has had it for years now. This means this extension is only loaded in memory to perform it's task and then it is removed. As evident in the extension's page with "inactive". As well the Webmail extension is by far the simplest extension and in shortest in terms of lines of code. Have you explored other possibilities, other extensions or Yahoo settings?

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