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Suddenly I get The Notifications only by sound Without A Push Notifications display on The Screen.

I've Windows 10.it's Start happening just today Suddenly.I Already try Reinstall The App,but The issue Still continue.

Why is That? & how do I fix That?

Waiting for your Answer...

Best Regards.



  • Hello,

    I did all in your's extensive list of solutions & There is A minor Change:

    The Pop up & Sound both Appears in internet Pages,but Not on The desktop Alone.

    Please help Me through...

    Waiting for your help...

    Best Regards & Thanks.


  • What do you mean by appears in internet pages? can you send me a screenshot?

    When you clicked the test notification button did you see a notification appear?

  • I mean,When I'm in The Chrome browser,Surfing in The internet.

    & When Chrome is off & Closed,There Are No Notification at All (No Sound & No Popup Notifications) in The background at The Desktop.

    Can you Please help Me through...

    Best Regards & Thanks.


  • Is the sound definitely from my extension?

    So it works when Chrome is open, but not when it is closed?

  • yes The sound definitely from your exetension.The Answer to your question is Yes.

    but Now I see,That it's not Stable,I mean Now There's not A sound & Not Popup even When Chrome is Open (issue continues).

    Please help me...

    Best Regards & lots of Thanks.


  • How long have used my extension? and how long did you notice this problem?

  • I use it already 2-3 years.Great extension.

    This issue appears only today.I know for sure,That is can be Solved.

    I think it's need only fine tuning in The Settings of My OS (Windows 10 home - 64 bit).

    The icon of your extension still shaking When is An email Coming.

    Thank you.

    ...how to fix it,i dont know - i don't care if it will be sending you The extension logs.

  • An update:Now it is only Sound appear in both situations,I mean when Chrome open & When it's closed.

  • Thank you very Much.Resolved.

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