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Strange label when opening emails from extension

When I open an email from the extension's popup, the URL looks quite strange. That doesn't really matter – until I try to got back to my inbox. Then, the window is empty, and it just says: "There are no conversations with this label."

The problem only occurs when I use "Add Accounts and stay signed in" and monitor the "All mail" label. My version of Checker Plus is 22.0.


  • Can you click the refresh button in the extension popup window, it appears you probably created a new label recently which was not yet cached in the extension.

    Then try again and let me know.

  • edited January 15

    Thanks for your reply! Refreshing hasn't changed anything. I noticed the bug months ago and just didn't bother enough to open a thread here. It's a minor problem and doesn't matter that much.

    I've tried quite a few things (disabling, reinstalling, switching to other browser versions and other laptops) and can say: The problem consistently appears as soon as I use the "All mail" label. In the meantime, I've enabled to check only the Inbox and the most important labels. That solves the issue.

  • Ok thanks, i'll open a ticket and to investigate this.

  • Can you send me a screenshot of the labels you are monitoring in the options ... accounts/labels tab

  • Of course! Does that one help?

  • In the email example above that you attached with the subject ...CORRECTIV is it possible that specific email had your label Übermedien ?

    Maybe the issue is related to the german letter Ü ? ... it's a long shot :) let me know.

  • I don't think that it's related to a specific label. The issue occurs with any label, also with English ones. (But as I said: It's really a minor issue and doesn't the great functionality of the extension at all.)

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