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Pop-up notifications only working after clicking on "refresh" button

Hi, I've after upgrading to Firefox 72.0.1 I was getting the error message: "cachedFeeds.calendarList is undefined". I reinstalled the extension and the error message was gone. But then I'm not getting pop-up notifications for my events, unless I click on the refresh button (see attachment 1). Also, there's a red color - on Checker Plus toolbar - on the time remaining for the next event. What does this red color mean?




  • The bade color should match the calendar color of the next event.

    Currently the Firefox version does not support the real time push notification as the Chrome version does. https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Push_Notifications

    The polling interval is therefore every few hours or less if it's your main calendar. Is it possible these missing events were adding for the very near future like only minutes or a few hours away?

  • Got it about the color. As for the events not popping-up, they weren't added for the very near future like only minutes or a few hours away. I'm not getting notifications at all.

  • Are you using the default options?

    which desktop notification is selected, "popup window" or "rich notification"?

    did you try clicking the test button beside that option, does it work?

  • Hi Jason, I have

    selected "Popup Window". "Rich Notification" is greyed out and if I select "Text Notification", an error message appears: "Permission Denied".

  • Forgot to attach the other screen shot

  • Btw, I already contributed

  • So when you click the refresh button all of sudden the reminder window pops up?

    similar to this...

  • Yes, that was yesterday when I wrote the first message. Today I'm not getting notifications, even clicking on the refresh button.

  • When you click this button do you see the popup window? ...

  • Yes, I see it

  • Try adding a quick reminder via the calendar popup window like such, this should create an event 1 minute from now in your main calendar, wait that minute and let me know if you see it.

  • Sorry, I'm not seeing the option to add this quick remainder via calendar pop window. Where should I click on?

  • edited January 16

    You access it via the calendar icon in the browser toolbar at the top right - as shown in my last screenshot.

  • Nothing happened

  • I suspect there is also a syncing issue. I edited an event about 30 min ago on Google Calendar, but changes aren't reflected on the calendar via the calendar toolbar top right

  • Are you getting notifications for the event within your Google Calendar page?

    I'm just trying to determine if there are reminders set for this calendar at least.

  • "Are you getting notifications for the event within your Google Calendar page?"


  • I'm curious if this a Firefox only issue for you, would you be able to test on Chrome with the extension and see if it works there.

  • I don't use chrome cause it consumes a lot of memory

  • yeah it was just to test and then it can be uninstalled, but i understand if you'd rather not.

  • Yeah, I'd rather not to avoid any issue on my system. What could the next step to verify what's happening?

  • edited January 16

    another option is to verify the logs for any errors (from the console tab in the developer tool) and send them to me...

    1. from the menu: select "Browser Console" from the Web Developer submenu in the Firefox Menu (or Tools menu if you display the menu bar or are on macOS).
    2. from the keyboard: press Ctrl+Shift+J (or Cmd+Shift+J on a Mac).

  • ok I found the issue, thanks for all the details, reinstall to v26.1.4 and let me know.

  • Hi, thanks Jason. It returned to sync normally with Google Calendar, this issue seems to be solved, but still no pop-up windows. And now I'm not getting calendar native notifications too.

    The minutes remaining for the the next event shown on Checker Plus toolbar icon should change as time passes?

  • ...as time pass?

  • yes if it displays (x)m, for minutes then it should countdown, i see mine count down and I got the notification after x minutes. If you are not getting the native notifications (i assume you mean from the google calendar webpage) then the issue for that lies in your google calendar settings.

  • Mine is not counting down. If I open the browser and it shows 10 min to the next event, it continues showing 10 min after 5 min have passed. I've solved the issue w/ my google calendar settings and it is working again.

  • And still no pop-up windows

  • Guess what?! I have a windows laptop, also with Firefox. Just installed Checker Plus and everything (countdown, pop-up window...) is working fine! Any guess why the extension isn't working on my Mac?

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