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Opera and dark mode issue

Running Mac OS X 10.15.2 64-bit and latest Opera browser (66.0.3515.27). Just returned from overseas to my iMac and noticed after all the updates, Checker Plus doesn't work properly with my go-to browser in dark mode. See what happens when I open it on a page with light backgrounds:

Red-ish background

White background (this is gmail in the background)

This page:

Any ideas?


  • I couldn't replicate the issue at least not on my PC.

    Can you explain me the steps?

    Is this how you enabled dark mode via the Opera browser or Mac?

  • That’s correct, maybe it’s different on PC. Could be the MacOS Catalina update, I used an older iMac overseas and had no issues.

    Happy to send you a video if you’d like

  • edited January 13

    I'm a bit confused with the term "open it on a page with light backgrounds" what do you mean by this?

    I don't think the website page should have any impact on the extension popup window.

  • edited January 13

    Gmail/Facebook have light/white backgrounds by default, say Firefox.com has a dark blue background. There’s an issue when opening the checker over light background sites and not an issue when opened over firefox.com web page.

    See the third screenshot, the one made here on this page. See how you can see the emails over the dark header and then they fade out where header ends and background becomes light.

  • I'm curious if you revert the dark mode option to the standard light one I guess does the issue still exist?

  • edited January 13

    No, no issue with light one. See:

    Just realised this issue exists on all Opera extensions that open a window over the browser...

    It's just that Gmail Checker is barely usable in dark mode (others just change colours). Example, PureVPN extension in dark/light mode:

  • Submitted bug report to Opera and started a thread: https://forums.opera.com/topic/37646/dark-mode-issues

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