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"Error: jerror with sync deferreds" when saving backup

Well, the title says it all: I try to "Save Options" on the ADMIN tab, but I get the error "Error: jerror with sync deferreds".

Great plug-in BTW! Thanks.


  • Can you do that save again and then right click anywhere in the options page > Inspect > Console tab > and send me the logs.

  • edited about three weeks ago

    here it is

  • hmm, looks like I forgot to spit out the root cause error in the logs :(

    which version of the extension are you using?

    have you added custom sounds or can think of any customization that might have broken the sync?

    lastly I might have you reinstall the extension and try the save again

  • I have V.22.0. It actually just got updated, together with Chrome, and when I restarted Chrome, it said "Corrupt Chrome profile" initially. Then I restarted the computer and it worked, but I can't save the configuration.

    The problem is that I don't want to lose the configuration and the accounts in Checker, so I would very much prefer if I don't reinstall the plugin and risk losing what I have already saved there. I haven't actually changed anything in the settings for a long time, and have backed up successfully before, so that should not be a problem.

    Which brings me to an additional question or request: Could you also add an option to save the settings and accounts as a file, in case the cloud backup doesn't work? I had an issue about a year ago when Checker got updated and somehow wouldn't restore the online backup, so I had to configure everything from scratch. So I think having an alternative backup option as a file to export and import would be very helpful.

  • edited about three weeks ago

    Hmm the corrupt profile is probably the underlying issue to the sync, this generally is not recoverable unfortunately - more info https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Corrupt_browser_profile.

    In the next update I will be expanding the logs to determine the root cause of the sync error. You can wait for the update, but it's not going in for a couple of weeks - as I have another update going through.

    Note also that the issue here would be not resolved with the file backup method as it is the extension data itself which is possibly corrupted. These are all guesses until I get more detailed logs.

  • Sorry for the delay.

    OK then, I'll wait for the update and hopefully we can find then.

    The file export would still be helpful though. It would store all configuration and log-in data (because I use the stay signed-in feature, not the auto-detect one), and then independently of whether the file has been saved on the cloud, we would always have the file as alternative.

    I say this because for instance, now that the extension data or browser profile is corrupted, I also tried restoring the backup data onto another laptop and freshly installed browser, and it would not restore them. I had backed up the configuration earlier when it was working. So apparently the cloud backup is also corrupted and I cannot restore it regardless of whether I reset the browser and plug-in. So this is where the exported file would come in handy.

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