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Gmail changes to marking email as read

Okay, so this has been a kinda unpopular change, the default is now 3 seconds to make an email as read.

You can change this down to 'immediately' but have to wait that short amount of time on each email to have these marked as read where as I used to be able to just double click to mark an email instantly as read. Is it possible to restore this functionality using this extension?


  • I'm not sure I understand. You still have to wait a short amount of time even if it set to immediately? Is this all in the context of the Gmail webpage or the extension?

    And what's this double click functionality?

  • edited January 11

    Yeah, once selecting an email there's a short wait before it is marked as read, where as before you could double click an email and it would be marked as read, this is on the gmail webpage and also in the extension drop down. A couple of days ago Google changed it so the email had to be opened for 3 seconds before it was marked as read.


  • Seeing as this is a Gmail issue, I'm going to wait it out, let me know in a week if there's any updates.

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