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Firefox 72.0.1: Granting Access shows error: cachedFeeds.calendarList is undefined

Good morning!

After the last Firefox update, I'm unable to use the extension in Firefox 72.0.1

How to reproduce

1 - Go to the calendar, it will read "Access not granted!" in the bottom (it was working fine before, but let's re-assign the accounts)

2 - Go to Accounts --> Grant Access

3 - Pick account

4 - Accept the permissions

5 - An error is displayed: cachedFeeds.calendarList is undefined

6 - Account is not added

Let me know if you need anything else.



  • edited January 10

    Can you try reinstalling the extension, another user reported this and solved it.

  • Thanks! After doing that a couple of times, I was able to re-add the account :)

  • same issue here. reinstalling the extension didn't solve :(

  • edited January 10

    @Luca Forina Some people have stated they installed 2 times and it worked, wondering if it's related to storage not clearing or timing issue, try again and let me know

  • reinstalling one more time and now it works! Probably because I haven't restore previous settings.

  • @Luca Forina Ahh, good hint, thanks, to everyone else listening, don't use "Restore previous settings" after reinstalling.

  • edited January 10

    Same error after Firefox update. Two re-installs fixed the issue.

    Though I didn't tried to restore settings after first re-install to confirm this idea, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • same problem

  • @Simona Pisano Reinstall the extension and do not restore previous settings, if the issues persist reinstall a 2nd time.

  • Reinstalled the extension and didn't restore previous settings. All now OK

  • unintalled and reinstalled and solved.

  • in case this helps others, 2 installs and then I had to grant access again

  • Reinstalled, with restored settings, granted access and it works. FF 72.0.1 64bit

  • Reinstalling the plug-in did it. Now it's working again.

  • Worked great with "restored settings" for me thanks

  • Hello,

    I had the same issue. I solved it by removing the extension, restarting the browser and reinstalling the extension.


  • Worked for me; uninstall the addon, restart firefox, reinstall the add on, didn't restore the settings when asked....

  • Hi, I've tried the above suggested solutions and no error message " cachedFeeds.calendarList is undefined" anymore. But pop-up notifications aren't properly working, because I need to click on "refresh" every time for them to appear

  • @Lúcio Oliveira Please open a new discussion for this separate issue and give me details about the events that are not appearing.

  • Also worked again after the second reinstall!

  • Got mine working after 2nd reinstall. I removed the extension and closed Firefox, started it again then installed the extension and that got it to work.

  • I'm having the same problem. I can't use the extension for a month now.


  • @Ronaldo da Silva Alves Batista reinstall the extension 2 times and don't restore setting, this has resolved the issue for everyone mentioned above.

  • FYI... this just happened to me with Fx 73, and I had to reinstall 5 times to get it to work..

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