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All meeting participants deleted but myself.

I am trying not to point the finger too quickly, but I have had it happen on numerous occasions where meetings that I have scheduled suddenly disappear on everyone's calendar except my own. This happened today again, but I almost watched it happen.

In the drop-down calendar plugin, I saw the list of 30+ invited participants to the event. I noticed that I myself was crossed out for some reason as not attending -- which is silly because I am the organizer. Anyway, I clicked on YES to change my status to be attending. I don't believe my status changed, so I thought I should refresh the screen or something. That still didn't put me as attending, so I clicked the button to open the event in my calendar. As soon as the calendar event opened, I noticed that I was the ONLY person listed in the event. All the other participants were removed from the event.

This is a repeating monthly event, and I was able to go to a different month to copy all the participants and paste them back into this one. This forces me to suspect the calendar plugin as having something to do with this.

I have "allow guests to modify participants" unchecked, so technically only I can do so.

Any ideas as to the cause of this problem? If I can reproduce it again, I'll check back in and let you know. Only problem is I don't want to go delete another live event from peoples calendars if I don't have to.


  • ok thank you and great description of the issue.

    so i'd like to remove some variables to pinpoint the issue,

    the first would be to use a non-recurring event and maybe only invite one other participant.

    then try to trigger the issue on that event.

  • Well, I played for about 15 minutes, recreating the problem and I can't reproduce it at all. So it is very likely that it is a glitch on Google's end somehow, or a user error from someone on my team. But if anybody else here has the same problem, let me know.

  • Actually, the problem did happen on my test event. I made a recurring event that repeated every day for 5 days and invited myself as a participant with 3 different email addresses.

    I played with it yesterday and couldn't reproduce the problem. So today, I noticed that my test event was crossed out on my Checker Plus calendar (for one of the attendees). I clicked on it and chose YES to attend. Then I clicked to follow the event to the Google calendar and opened it. Now instead of all three attendees, there was only one listed. Two other names had been deleted.

    I still can't give you a step by step to make this happen, but I am now more certain that Checker Plus is causing it.

  • ok thanks, can you let me know which version of the extension you have? top right in the extension options page.

  • Ok I think I found the issue, refrain from responding to the event status from within the extension until v26.1.3 with the fix is promoted to the chrome store in the next few days.

    For my reference...


  • Good news v26.1.3 with hopefully the fix is live, it will eventually automatically update or you can reinstall to force it and see if it works.

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