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Looking for chrome add-on gmail checker (logs itself out afterwards)


I've been using Thunderbird for a really long time but was looking for some kind of browser add-on to take over.

Just have 1 gmail account. I loved that I could leave Thunderbird open & every 10 minutes it would check my gmail for new messages. Basically need a Chrome add-on that will do that: login, check my gmail every 5-10 minutes, desktop alert me of any new message. If there are no new message, it'll logout of my gmail account.

I know it's a really picky thing to ask for. Hoping someone could help me out.


  • So the extension can be set to poll every 5 or 10 minutes and could log you out (if i added that part), however fully logging you out means your Gmail website would also be logged out.

    Otherwise the extension and any other for matter would still have access to detecting your emails.

  • So, can your addon do that? Can it login, check for any new messages every say 5 minutes then log out afterwards? I believe that is what Thunderbird does.

  • If it can do that, would you mind explaining how? The settings are pretty robust.

  • You must understand that the extension cannot automatically sign you in once you've officially signed out. This would be security hole - you would have to sign in with your credentials each time.

  • OK, fair enough. How do I get it to auto sign me out?

  • I found where to set the poll, but haven't looked at any of the other settings hopefully they're all good at default.

  • So this would be a feature request, you want it to sign you out after x time, correct?

    Understand this is what will happen:

    1) You have the extension installed

    2) After x minutes your are signed out your Google account for all services in your browser

    3) You will have to sign back into manually

    4) The extension will detect you are signed in again

    5) Repeat to step 2.

  • Yeah, that's the feature request then. If it's too complicated, don't worry about it. I can always just manually sign out.

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