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X does not dismiss notification despite setting

When I clicked the X, I got this message:

Despite this setting:

Not a deal breaker but thought you would want to know.


  • Interesting, you were probably doing some tests but essentially when using "Popup window" option you should not be presented with those Clicking X on notification options.

    Because those are for the "Rich notification" refer to the screenshot below...

  • I am set to Rich Notifications. The X to dismiss does not appear. When I clicked on the notification, then the pop-up opened.

    So maybe the thing I posted initially is expected behavior, but I am missing the ability to dismiss the rich notification.

  • Here's what I get as a rich notification with no online meeting defined.

    When there is an online meeting, the link to that meeting appears where the dismiss X appears in your image.

    I do want the meeting link in the notification; that setting is intentional on my part. Does having that conflict with the dismiss X?

  • Ah good suggestion, so when an event with no meeting link appears it should substitute the button with a x to dismiss.

  • OK, so a conflict between the two is expected behavior? I.e. you can have either the X to dismiss or a second notification button, but not both?

    Is there any other way to dismiss the rich notification directly? Or do I need to open Windows notification center to dismiss it?

  • edited January 1

    So yes there are a maximum of 2 buttons.

    For the dismiss issue there is a workaround that I use myself,

    In the Windows notification options for Chrome, i've disabled notifications from going into the action center - and magically a small x appears at the top right of notifications instead of the arrow.

  • Oh, that's cool. I didn't know about that setting. (Had to hunt around a bit, but I found it.)

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