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Extension shows declined events for "other" calendars

I show both my personal + work calendars in the extension. Personal is the primary account, and I have my work shared full access with my personal to be able to see the events.

However, the Extension doesn't seem to respect the status of the event for declined events from my work calendar. In the GCal window behind it you can see that the event does not show. I have tried refreshing th extension a few times (and even then, this event was declined days ago). I looked at the HTML and the event doesn't seem to have any kind of "declined" class, so it doesn't appear to be a theme issue (even if so, the 11a notification is still showing in the extension icon, which is not accurate).

Is this a known issue? Happy to dive in more to try and get to the bottom of it, but the steps to reproduce should be pretty easy:

  1. Show subscribed calendar in Extension
  2. Decline event to subscribed calendar (from subscribed account)
  3. Refresh extension + expect to not be showing as an active event


  • So my first presumption is you have 2 different Google Accounts, however the extension only recognizes one. So when you add the work calendar to the extension it does not recognize the event as cancelled because you are viewing it from the perspective of the 1st account. Is my presumption correct, let me know.

  • That is correct. Personal and Work described above are two separate Google accounts, and set it up using Option 1 described here: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Using_calendars_from_multiple_accounts

  • Thanks for signalling a flaw in this shared calendar method that I wasn't aware of. I could develop workarounds such as having the extension input the email account of your other account - so I could then recognize declined events. Or the obvious is the full blown support of multiple accounts in the extension, which requires lots of development and UI redesign, as I have no point of reference to start.

  • @Jason Any progress on this? It would be sufficient if you allowed the entry of an alternate email address.

  • @Pando Tiritas I'm following this, but it seems the only use case for this alternate email is to display declined events. My proposed solution doesn't seem user friendly for this small use case, so I'll keep waiting for more feedback before making a decision.

  • Is there nothing in the shared calendar API that helps you identify the user sharing that calendar? I would think that it’s possible, given that I can see the declined status of events in shared calendars and also respond to event invites, from the Google UI.

  • @Pando Tiritas Hmm good point, so how does Google Calendar know those 2 separate accounts are linked to you?

  • I have not worked with this particular API. I simply shared my business calendar with my personal google account, so as to only have to open a single calendar in a browser and display all my events. Declined events are crossed out, so somehow my personal calendar knows my business persona, or maybe the API payload simply provides a property, indicating if that event has been declined. Is this the old iCalendar API, or a google-specific one?

  • @Jason if you're using https://developers.google.com/calendar/v3/reference/calendarList/list, the "id" in the results is the email address of the calendar owner. No need for a separate field as the data is right there in the API results.

  • @PaulArterburn Thanks for the direction, but maybe I'm missing something, you are the owner of account #1 with email X, you are also the owner of separate account #2 with a different email Y, correct?

    Can you be the owner of different calendars across different accounts with somehow the same email?

  • personal@gmail.com is my main account.

    on work@company.com, I give personal@gmail.com access to "Make changes & manage sharing": https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/37082?hl=en

    So I see + can control my work calendar from my personal.

  • This first screen cap is from my personal google calendar. Red is an event in that calendar, while green is an event from my work calendar (which is shared with my personal calendar). You can see that my personal calendar knows that I declined the 8:45 event. Based on this, I assume there must be a way to know the status of declined events in shared calendars, unless google uses some undocumented magic to do so.

    This screen cap is from the extension (which I configured to use my personal calendar). In this case the 8:45 event is displayed as if it's not declined. Ideally declined events will not be displayed, but the main issue is that I would like to not receive notifications about them.

  • @Pando Tiritas Ok thank you both for the details, I will queue this for investigation, as it seems the use case will take a bit of time to setup and test.

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