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Gmail popup window shortcut not working: '#' - delete

Keyboard Shortcuts\Extension popup window shortcuts\Gmail popup window shortcuts

'#' - delete

... is not working for me


  • edited December 2019

    I just tested and it works for me, are you using the dafault checker plus window or inbox view? https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Popup_window

    Another guess is you might be using a different keyboard layout, which one are you using? Can you try switching temporarily to an english one and see if it's related to that.

  • I am using the default checker plus window.

    I switched my keyboard layout to English (United Kingdom) but it is still not working.

  • which keyboard layout were you using before?

    oh and it is Shift # on an english keyboard, does that work?

    were you just using the key #?

  • My standard layout is German (Germany).

    Tried both just # and Shift+# but both won't do. Entering # in a textpad works just fine. Also pressing the key works correctly in Gmail itself as well as the checker plus inbox view deleting the mail (so should be the right key).

  • ok thank you for the details, i will investigate this, it's just difficult to simulate.

  • Ok thank you for looking into this. If I can assist you with any more testing please let me know!

    On a sidenote: it would be nice if there would be an option to navigate through the email-list with up & down keys in standard view, kinda like in the inbox view. Cycling through mail by mail or switching back and forth using mouse and keys feeld a bit incovenient. Thank you!

  • i believe you can use the 'j' and 'k' to cycle through the opened emails in checker plus view

  • Yes, J & K work just fine! Would just be great to be able to select the right mail from the main email-list view with Up/Down keys plus maybe open its preview with Enter or anything.

  • So you can use Enter from the main email-list to open the 1st email and then use the j/k.

    I understand you also want to be able to navigate the emails in the main-list with the arrows keys, i can look into that as a suggestion.

  • Good news, v22.0 should have a fix for the # key.

    You can wait for the update in a few days or reinstall to force the update.

  • Awesome, works like a charm! Thank you very much for the fast fix Jason! :-)

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