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Notifications for only some emails?


Does your tool enable me to receive notifications for ONLY emails from specific individuals? I have looked but don't see settings for that.


  • Jason, I can only see how to create a notification based on sound. Unfortunately, that doesn't work for me.

    What I really need is a desktop notification. Is that possible?

  • Yes to the left of each label is a checkbox that you can use to enable or disable the desktop notifications for each label.

  • Jason,

    This is what I see ... nothing about desktop notifications...

    Here's the page where I'm looking..

  • ah sorry my fault, the little bell to the right can be toggle on/off to show notifications

  • Jason, sorry to be a pain ...

    Now, I'm not getting any sounds, but I'm also not getting any desktop notifications. Am I doing something wrong?

  • So any easy thing to test is to mark an email that you'd like to be notified of and then wait for it to appear in the popup window via the mail icon. if it doesn't appear there then you won't get a notification for it.

    you might have to play around with the labels you are monitoring in the options.

    start with the inbox on and see if the unread email is detected.

  • Jason, I don't mean to frustrate you ... but I don't know what you mean by:

    "mark an email". Do you mean have me send a test email from an account to see if things work? I've done that.

    "appear in the popup window via the mail icon". I'm not getting any pop-up windows ever. And what do you mean by "via the mail icon". Am I looking in the right place? I'm assuming that your app is working in the background and I'm working in gmail all the time.

    "start with the inbox on". I didn't know the inbox had an on/off. What do you mean?

  • Here I marked an email as unread in my Gmail website, then a few seconds later it is visible in the top window accessible via the mail icon. Emails showing up there will also show up as notifications. You can then go into the Options .. labels to check/uncheck labels, such as the inbox label to see if the emails you want to be notified of appear in the window.

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