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Checker plus calendar window takes long time to load each time

I have your checker plau Gmail and calendar extensions on two profiles of chrome. The gmail ones work great. The calendar ones have traditionally been fantastic, however, within the last week or two one of my profiles now takes about 20 seconds to load the calendar view when clicking the extension button. I have tried in incognito mode, different settings, restarting the computer and all kinds of things but nothing seems to fix it. My other profile opens within 2 seconds every time. I'm not sure why this one takes soooo much longer. It's essentially unusable for me at the moment. Any idea why this might be happening?



  • Have you tried reinstalling the extension?

    Have you tried hiding some calendars from view?


  • Sits like this for a few seconds:

    Then it sits like this for a few seconds and has a spinner in the middle:

    And after a while I see this like I used to within a second or two of clicking:

  • Fastest it has loaded is 15 seconds. Longest has been almost 30

  • edited December 2019

    refer to my previous comment above and let me know if that changes anything.

  • No it did not help.

  • Are these 2 profiles on the same computer?

    Can you tell me what are the versions of the extensions on each one? You can see the version in the extension .. options .. top right.

  • Same computer. Broken one is 26.0.7 and the working one is 26.0.5 but I think that's only because I uninstalled and reinstalled. I could try updating the working one and see if it starts doing this too.

  • ok try updating/reinstalling the working one, to see if it's related to the update.

  • The other one still loads very quickly after and now also on 26.0.7

  • hmm ok that's good, so now we must assume a difference in the calendar accounts or maybe corrupted profile.

    Any general differences between both your google calendar accounts in these 2 profiles, does one contain many more calendars/shared calendars?

    does one have many recurring events etc.?

  • They both work off of recurring events but the broken one does have more and uses shared Calendars. It probably has a bit more recurring events as well. The profiles are very similar though or so I believe.

  • Approximately how many owned and shared calendars does the broken one have?

    Fyi i will be releasing an update to optimize resources for hidden shared calendars that are not used in notifications.

  • It has one owned and has about 6 shared. Then it has access to about 50 more, but they are not turned on.

  • I turned off all but mine and it still lags. Took 30 seconds to load. Next time 15 seconds.

  • Turned off all calendars and it still took 15 seconds to finish loading. Whatever is causing the delay has nothing to do with the calendars. I believe.

  • ok can you try reinstalling to the latest version and enabling the option I marked in red in this thread ...


  • This didn't change anything. Same long wait.

  • So these 50 plus calendars have the notifications unchecked and are not visible in the popup window?

    can you send me your equivalent screenshots of these 2...

  • I can't get them all in even with shrinking but only the first is selected:

    On this one only 6 are checked and they are for things like holidays and PTO schedules:

  • ok good info, can you go into the Options .. Admin and enable the logs.

    then can you send me the popup window logs as such...

    • Right click anywhere in the popup > Inspect > Console tab

  • yes thanks, good details, i do see slower times for gathering events, i'll ask you for more tests to pinpoint the exact lines that might be causing the issue:

    i'll ask you to execute the following commands in the background console (where you got the logs from). Simply copy/paste the commands below and hit enter to execute them, they'll return some info that you can send me back to me in a screenshot, an example is in the screenshot below.

    console.time(); await getEvents(); console.timeEnd();

    console.time(); await storage.get("cachedFeeds"); console.timeEnd()

    JSON.stringify(await storage.get("cachedFeeds")).length

      const arrayOfCalendars = await getArrayOfCalendars();

      const cachedFeeds = await storage.get("cachedFeeds");

      const doNotShowNotificationsForOtherHiddenCalendars = await storage.get("doNotShowNotificationsForOtherHiddenCalendars");

      const selectedCalendars = await storage.get("selectedCalendars");

      const email = await storage.get("email");

      const excludedCalendars = await storage.get("excludedCalendars");

      const feeds = [];

      arrayOfCalendars.forEach(calendar => {

        if (doNotShowNotificationsForOtherHiddenCalendars) {

          const calendarDetails = getCalendarById(calendar.id);

          if (isCalendarSelectedInExtension(calendarDetails, email, selectedCalendars) || (!isCalendarExcluded(calendar, excludedCalendars) && calendar.defaultReminders && calendar.defaultReminders.length)) {



        } else {





  • edited December 2019

    ok, excellent, so this is indicating it's taking 5.5 seconds to retrieve the events of 6 calendars. Way too long, i'm curious how many events are being retrieved, can you run this command, you must include include parenthesis...

    (await getEvents()).length

  • edited December 2019

    hmm that's weird, this time the timing are very short 0.4ms but last time 1554.0ms

    is the slow issue intermittent, or does it happen everytime you open the popup window?

    i have another command to run, i'm suspecting the issue might be related to large storage being used due to the 50+ calendars and it might be slowing the retrieval, thanks for your patience.

    console.time(); console.info(JSON.stringify(await storage.get("cachedFeeds")).length) console.timeEnd();

  • It is not intermittent at all. It happens every time:

  • edited December 2019

    ah, I think we got it, that's over 10megs of storage space used, for contrast my calendars only use 0.3megs.

    ok one more command for you, and i'll have some good info, for me to rework the code to optimize this.

    console.time(); await storage.get("cachedFeeds"); console.timeEnd();

  • thank you, I will begin redeveloping a solution and report back here after I post a fix.

    it will be a few days.

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