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Unread Mail Notification

Hi, just downloaded Checker Plus for Gmail, and the icon on the top of the browser is showing 1842 unread emails. When opening the popup window to mark as read, a message appears mentioning that only 10 emails can be marked as read at a time, and to use the Gmail website instead to mark them.

The problem is, I don't have 1842 unread emails, and can't find anywhere on myGmail account where I might be either. Other than turning this very useful feature off, is there some other way of 'zeroing' this numerical notification?.

Thanks in anticipation.


  • Sorry, guys, cancel the enquiry above as I've worked it out on my GMail account. I simply went into 'All Mail', and selected all email I have ever received and marked them all 'As Read'.
    My Chrome Checker Plus notification icon is now clear.

    Great extension by the way.
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