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missing email notification

i'm missing a notification for one of my emails. is this normal and a work in progress? or do I need to configure something to capture all the email in my promotions tab? it captured 99% of my emails


  • Did it appear as an unread email in the popup window via the mail button?

  • it didn't appear at all. but i can clearly see it in my gmail interface.

  • And are you monitoring the Promotions label in the extension .. Options .. Accounts/Labels

  • i don't know if this is relevant, but it's from a company that changed their name recently. not sure when they changed it. could be a year or 2 ago. it was from Massdrop to drop.

  • I'll take note of this, but let's see if it becomes more regular before investigating.

    If you were to mark that particular promotion email as unread I would be curious if it then appears in the popup window.

  • ok i'll mark it as unread. how long would it take to show?

  • You can click the refresh button in the popup window immediately after to see if it shows up.

  • i didn't have to do that. it showed immediately. so i marked it as unread, and it showed up immediately in the extension.

  • a few hours ago I got an email from 'big lots' and that showed up in the extension. However, when i look now, it's not there. I marked it as unread, and it showed up again in the extension. very odd behavior.

  • side note: i do have a lot of extensions that block ads, popups, some level of javascript, etc, for various reasons. not sure if that could be the reason.

  • basically just ad blockers.

  • I also had issues when trying to add accounts. I believe your extension was showing "auto-detect" accounts with my signed accounts. I'm not sure if this is normal. I got it to just show 1 email account by deleting the other one. http://prntscr.com/q7xkhr

  • I'm mentioning this because I'm not sure if it's relevant to my issue. or maybe it's a bug. I felt something was wrong since two accounts for the same emails were showing up.

  • I'm going to assume it's the Chrome + Windows involvement in the notifications that might be the culprit, it's possible it appear in the action center briefly and disappeared. You can also test the notification for that particular email (if it's the only one unread) by clicking the play button beside the desktop notification in the ext. options.

  • sorry, nevermind. I'm new to your extension. They disappear after opening the email. I was going through the options and I notice desktop notification. Do you know why I don't get desktop notifications?

  • Just to clarify, you don't get any desktop notifications? or just for that particular email?

    For notifications issues, I refer people to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Notifications_are_not_working

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