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Stopped working with Advanced Protection

I have had this on for about a year now, and it just now stopped working with Checker Plus. As in: it worked yesterday, does not work today. I am sure that this isn't an issue with the developer, but I thought I would share.


  • With the Advanced Protection you will only be allowed to use the default auto-detect method https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

    This has been the case ever since they released Advanced Protection.

  • I changed nothing, and it threw me out. Reinstalled, and it is working again. Ah, fun.

  • So how do you know the issue is associated with Advanced Protection?

  • While I trying to get it to work, I saw an message from Google stating so, but I don't remember now if I was trying the other login method at that time (just trying to get reconnected).

  • Hi Jason. I tried to add my account after the fail (about Firefox 71), but I obtaind this error:

    "Error storing object with key: tokenResponsesEmails ConstraintError: A mutation operation in the transaction failed because a constraint was not satisfied."

  • @Javier Barragán Please open a new thread for this different issue, and try reinstalling th extension first.

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