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New Mail Notification Wake up Monitor out of Standby (power save mode)

This is a known issue with Chrome Extensions and Windows 10. Where After Windows standby puts Monitor in Standby and turns them off essentially (Power Save mode), Chrome notifications turn the monitor back on sometimes indefinitely or sometimes for a very short period of time (5-10 seconds) and back off.

I have been looking around and one way others have found a solution which may work for some is to implement  Chrome.idle API to detect whether browser is active or not and trigger your notifications. 

any chance we can get this option implemented ?

Thank you.


  • Good suggestion, thanks for the research, however, i'll queue this for testing, although my fear is it might prevent notifications from appearing during normal circumstances.

  • I did some tests and unfortunately the api returned "idle" when my screen was off (i expected to see "locked")

    This means I can't reliably use this because "idle" is also reported after a few minutes, but before screensaver's turn on.

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