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Button click action "Open Gmail" opens in new tab

In Button -> Click Action there are 2 separate options:

"Open Gmail" and "Open Gmail in new Tab"

No matter which one is active, click the button always creates a new tab.

I'd assume that "Open Gmail" opens gmail in the currently active tab, while the other options opens it in a new tab.


  • Correct, on some rare occasions the Gmail tab reloads, but it should not open a new tab,

    can you send me the url of your existing Gmail tab?

    i'm also curious if you open 2 emails in a row if they will open 2 new tabs.

  • The behavious is the same, wheter it's the normal https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox or any sub-folder like https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#all .

    Yes, it opens a new tab every time I hit the button. Hitting it 5 times, results in 5 additional tabs.

    You stated that "on some rare occasions the Gmail tab reloads", if I interpret this correctly, you intended that any already open gmail tab is brought to the foreground if I would click the button on "Open Gmail" settings? Because I would expect that gmail would load in the current foreground tab, regardless what content is inside atm. (E.g. I have Facebook open, I click the gmail button, gmail loads in the tab that has facebook open)

  • The logic finds any already opened Gmail tab matching the account to which you open an email. It does this by locating a tab with mail.google.com/u/#

    Can you try reinstalling the extension, and closing all but one gmail tab and see if we start with the basics - as I do confirm it works from my end.

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