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Archiving an e-mail on extension doesn't actually archive the e-mail

I have my gmail accounts linked on this extension and on my phone, but when I reply to e-mails/archive them through the extension, they're still in my inbox on my phone, which is extremely annoying/time consuming when I reply to hundreds daily. Is there a setting I over looked that should actually archive the message?


  • Can you confirm on the Gmail website that the archive is working?

    To test, archive the new mail with the extension, then go to the Gmail website and refresh the page to confirm it's not just a delayed sync issue with possibly your phone etc.

  • Yes, I've tried this. If the e-mail is unread, it will archive correctly on the gmail website. If I have the option "Previewing Marks as Read" and archive it from inside the preview, then it won't archive correctly on the gmail website.

  • So I just tested this and it does work for me. Are you using the default auto-detect method? https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

    I opened an unread email to preview it with the extension, then I clicked the Archive button, I visited the Gmail website and that email disappeared from my inbox - therefore it was archived.

    Let me know if there are steps I'm missing.

  • I am not using the auto-detect method because I do not log into my browser with all of my accounts. Also, the issue isn't with the gmail website, it's with the mail app on my phone. If I enable the "Previewing marks as read" option, I preview the e-mail and then it disappears from the extension before I can archive it, which leaves a mess in my inbox on my phone/gmail website. If I disable the "Previewing marks as read" option, then it leaves a mess on the extensions mailbox. Is there no way to leave previewed/read e-mails so that they will still show in the extension mailbox until I archive/delete?

  • You might want to try this inbox view, it mimics what you do on the Gmail website


  • I use multiple accounts, so this isn't helpful. Is there no way to add an option to Checker Plus so that it will show unread emails?

  • I'm a bit confused because Checker Plus only shows unread emails :) Did you mean to say show read emails?

  • So the short is answer is no because my extension is meant to quickly browser through new incoming emails.

    You could set this option so that everytime you archive an email it marks it as read also...

  • yeah i have all of those set, thank you though

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