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Windows 10 Chrome Browser v78 Dark Mode affects visibility

As you can see when Chrome dark mode is enable the buttons is hard to see with black buttons and black background. I checked in options to change color but I can only find remove buttons and no color customization. I also preview different skins and the buttons are blacked out.


  • Which dark theme are you using?

    Have you tried others, because there are quite a few now...

    I tried them all and they all show the mail buttons, are you others in combination that might be affecting the buttons.

  • ok I feel dumb, cuz when I preview skin and the buttons are hidden until I move mouse pointer on the buttons menu and doing so the buttons lit up. All worked perfectly and very visible, except for Dark and Dark - Dropdown fix. Both have a reverse affect, its all white out on background and menus.

    Thank you for your fast reply.

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