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Cursor Disappears

The cursor keeps disappearing in Chrome when Checker for Google Calendar is enabled. I've played with hardware acceleration to no avail. This is reproduced on 3 separate Lenovo Thinkpad notebooks so far. A reboot solves the issue for 18-24 hours, but this ultimately reoccurs.


  • How often does it disappear?

    Do you think it's related to high resources being used?

    Have you tried disabling the extension to determine if it's the culprit?

    My extension doesn't have any permissions to affect the cursor, so I'm going to assume this is a Chrome issue https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Chrome_issues

  • Thanks Jason for responding. Yeah, it’s your Extension. It happens once or twice a day and requires a reboot, or a log off/re-login also works. When I disable the extension the issue goes away indefinitely. Once re-enabled the issue comes back. This has happened on 3 different Lenovo Thinkpads that I swap periodically. It’s got to be a thinkpad driver issue that manifests itself in Chrome with your extension enabled.

  • Ironically my latest updates have optimized memory usage, in fact when it's not in use the extension should completely unload from memory. For this particular issue though you might have better luck googling "chrome extensions cursor issue" and maybe the word thinkpad if it's specific to that.

  • OK, I'm on 26.05. Looks like that is up to date. I had originally googled the cursor issue and disabled chrome hardware acceleration... but will research more with Lenovo added. I can also check by video drivers... Thanks.

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