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Not Seeing All Mail (ie incl. read) in pop-up when toggled to Inbox

Following these instructions - it doesn't work for me. Nor do I see the button to set the default in General?

Popup window

Choose between 2 popup windows views described below:

  • Checker Plus (unread only)
  • Inbox view (all mail)
  • You can set the default view in the General options > Button click action
  • Click the 
  •  > Switch to Inbox
  • You can also hold Ctrl (Windows only) while clicking the toolbar button to toggle this view


  • Click the vertical menu at the top right then the Switch to inbox menu item.

    Let me know exactly what doesn't work afterwards.

  • I don't see previously read emails.

  • After switching to inbox view, you can use the top left hamburger menu to access the inbox (or any other) folder to view all emails...

  • ok thanks for the video in your email,

    that gray empty area where the inbox should be is indicating to me that something is blocking network access, especially because i caught a glimpse of accounts.google.com refused to connect. I also noticed you have a lot of extensions and one or more might be the culprit. Generally malware, privacy and cookie blocking extensions can sometimes interfere with normal network calls. Try disabling all such extension and see what happens.

  • This is being reported on Windows Chrome but I noticed on Mac Chrome (same extensions enabled) the problems don't exist. I will need to try with other extensions disabled on Window and let you know.

  • edited December 2019

    another test you can do is just visit this in your browser https://accounts.google.com

    and see if that works at least.

  • I can go directly to https://accounts.google.com without issue.

  • Have you had any luck disabling all the extensions? except of course the Gmail one

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