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Email Signature in Popup Reply

First off, I LOVE the extension. I was a big hold out still using Outlook when my company switched to gmail services, the browser gmail just didn't offer the few things I couldn't live without that Outlook had. Checker Plus was what finally got me to ditch outlook for good with it's awesome features!

Anyway, one suggestion/comment though; when I reply to an email, as a pop-up FROM the checker plus pop-up, my email signature is not appended to the message.  The signature is there if I compose a new message from scratch through the popup though.  Am I missing some kind of setting or is this a quirk that isn't an easy fix? If you could find a way to add this feature, even if it means setting up a seperate signature in Checker Plus options, I'd be elated! Prolly donate some more monies too!

Thanks for all the hard work Jason!


  • edited May 2014
    Ok after some investigation it appears that because I am simulating a reply popup, aka I actually just create a compose window with the recipient from the original email and then pasting the same subject and appending the first few lines of the last email you are responding to ie. 

    "Tue May 20 2014 21:43:50 GMT-0400 (EDT) <blah@gmail.com>:
    interested to join me? ---------- Forwarded message ----------

    Now I noticed if I don't append these last few lines, then the signature magically appears!
    Therefore my question to you, would you substitute these simulated "reply" lines for a signature?
  • I think IDEALLY it would have my signature and then the quoted message I'm replying to below that.  BUT I could live without the quoted message, as the signature in the reply would be more important (to me at least).  It wouldn't even need be the full signature appended to my original emails, it could even be a shorter plain text signature.
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