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Change Popup Behavior To Not Close Chrome

Is there a way when dimissing events, the popup window / tab only closes that particular tab and not the entire Chrome window?

It is rather annoying that when I dismiss events, my whole Chrome window shuts and I need to re-open a secondary Chrome window just to dismiss notifications to prevent losing what I am doing primary Chrome window.


  • Hmm that sounds weird and obviously not intended. Let's get the wording and context straight:

    1st are you using the option "run in background when chrome is closed" ?

    Description of the issue: when clicking the dismiss all button on the popup window with the reminders the whole Chrome browser suddenly closes along with the reminder window?

  • No, I'm not using the "run in background when chrome is closed" option.

    Yes, correct. When clicking the dismiss all or last dismiss button on the popup tab (not window), the whole Chrome browser will close along with the popup tab.

  • Have you tried reinstalling the extension?

    Does the same issue happen if you try the snooze all button?

  • Unfortunately no, reinstalling does not change this behavior. I can replicate this across all my machines running the same extension.

    Yes, I just tested. Snooze or Dismiss does the same thing. Shuts down all tabs and closes the Chrome window.

  • Are all your machines Mac?

    Do you have other extensions installed that might be interfering?

  • Yes, all my machines are Mac.

    I have disabled Ghostery which appears to be the only extension that might interact with your extensions.

  • So I just tested the dismiss all button on a Mac and there was no issue. I'm also not getting any other reports of this issue, so I'm suspecting user configuration or interference, either with Chrome flags or software or other extensions.

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