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No notifications, tab is blank

This extension was working beautifully for a while, but in the past week, I've been struggling to get it to work at all. After restarting my browser, it'll work for a few minutes, but soon I won't get any notifications at all. Trying to check the tab manually brings up an error like this one.

I've reinstalled the browser extension a couple times already.

I would expect that I'm just not logged into gmail properly, but I can open gmail up in a new tab and Checker Plus will still show this "Error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase'" error. I've tried looking up the error but all I get is github notes from coders. (I don't know enough about coding to tinker around with it myself, if that's even an option.)

Is anyone else getting this error? I've checked the discussion posts every time I've tried to troubleshoot and I haven't spotted a fix (though it's possible I've missed it).

Edit: by the way, trying to interact with the CheckerPlus tab at all--the hamburger button, thumbs-up, refresh, upload, or the three dots--does nothing; it's unresponsive.


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