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'Entire Page' function won't work


I'm attempting to screenshot the Entire Page of a blog article, but it is not working and cutting the middle out. Any tips? Thanks!


  • edited November 2019

    Mostly though, once I click it, nothing happens at all, and the rotating circle you get from clicking Entire Page just rotates indefinitely.

  • (this is on Google Chrome)

  • There are some pages that are difficult to interact with via scrolling. Have you noticed if other pages work better?

  • I have the same issue, randomly "entire page" stops working and just spinning circle. But after remove the extension and reinstall it works again.

    After a while stops working again and every time I have to reinstall to fix the issue.

  • edited December 2019

    @SaeidPooya Yes, I pushed a fix in v9.5.5 which you forced when reinstalled the extension. It's rolling out the rest as I type this.

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