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Also check google cookies

Hello Jason,

I just installed your Checker Plus for Google Calendar and found out, that I can open and show my Google calendar, even if I'm not signed in to Google. Would it be possible to add an option, to check the Google cookies if I'm acutally signed in to Google before the personal data is shown?

Thanks, Timo.


  • Interestingly I used to have that option, I can't remember why I removed it, but it was either not popular or confusing. The Gmail extension does however use the cookie option when using the default auto-detect.

  • Ok, so there's a chance it will make it's way back into you calendar app?

  • if there are more suggestions for this, however it's been a years since I removed it, but maybe this thread will trigger others.

  • For me it makes perfect sense, to protect my private stuff from curious eyes. I hope it will come back. Thanks.

  • Hmm, seems that I'm the only one who cares about his privacy.

    Jason, if you have it already in the Gmail extension, wouldn't it be "easy" to put it into the calendar as well?

  • I removed it for a reason, and therefore it was probably not easy to maintain. I will listen to feedback and prioritize the requests, but note that Calendar extension differs in the fact that there is no auto-detect of calendar events like there is for Gmail email, hence the not easy part.

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