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Popup option is bellow email message

No clue is it know issue - it's clear from the image when i click on second option button the menu appears bellow emails available at the moment. Maybe it's because i use 150% scaling of the apps and text size which is necessary to me.

Also if there is a way to put reset button when you click Colors... in the same menu? I've changed it, but ... maybe it was better before :D

Thanks for the work, and that you still support and be able to work for this extensions.


  • For the clipping issue try removing your themes or if you want that dark theme trying using only this one:

    [Theme] Dark - Dropdown fix - Use alone

    For the colors reset, there's no simple trick, but you can reinstall the extension.

  • Oh great :) Thanks ... Hate reinstall this app or any app at all :D Need to login to click so many buttons and stuff until I get everything back.

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