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Two computers, events moved from first one do not reflect on second

I have two computers, both have chrome browser open and both show me a Calender CheckerPlus notification popup for an EventA at 8pm today. On my first computer I use the notification popup to snooze the event to next week (and confirm that on calendar.google.com the event also moved to next week).

On the second computer browser, this event still stays in notification popup at its original time - doing Admin - Load Options doesn't help, nor does restarting the chrome browser on this second computer. The only things that works are either a full reboot of this second computer, or just snoozing the same event yet again on this second computer. I'm guessing something is cached somewhere so its not picking up the updated event time from the first computer on my second one.

Is there something I'm missing on forcing a full sync so the notifications become up-to-date?


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