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send to quick contact - taskbar icon?

I used to have an app that sat in the toolbar, click the icon and it would email a copy of that page to me, one day it quit working and I was lost without it until I found that you have the "email page link to me" option, I love to use this feature to remind me to look at a page for something later. Ok, now this may sound lazy, but right click, find the "gmail checker plus" then select "page link to me" is..hmm how do I put this, more clicks than I was looking for (sorry guess I am lazy) what I am looking for is a icon in the tool bar, click it and the page is emailed, done, back to what I was doing, any chance of that?

Thanks for your hard, work love your software.


  • I won't be able to create a separate button, however I could add an option to change the default button behaviour of the current email button to do what you say. Although that would prevent you from accessing the gmail extension popup window, would that work?

    FYI my calendar extension also can schedule the current tab for later use with a right click similar to the gmail exension:


  • I like the current gmail checker button as is, I will take a look at the calendar option, thanks again.

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