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Modern design for the settings pane

It's been a while since Google launched Material 2.0, and I think a compatible design can help a lot with the extension.

Not only is it more visually appealing, with the right UX design you can make the Settings\'Options' screen much more accessible.

Attached a sketch I've created:

Would be glad to help as requested.


  • Wow, that is amazing, i'll definitely use this as a guide.

    My development bottle neck right now is preparing the Gmail extension for manifest v3 - using background persistent false - as i've done with my Calendar extension recently. This means the extension is unloaded from memory when not in use.

  • A simple build I made for the extension popup

  • Great work again, do you have any experience with CSS, because you could use the custom skin to recreate this now. https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes

  • edited May 2020

    So I've created a new dark, so called "Midnight", theme with the limitations I had.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't replace even the 'compose' button to Google's new colorful plus icon (https://i.imgur.com/tZ2cZXy.png) since it's protected under #shadow-root.

    I really do think that the extension could use some changes to make it fit the new standards. I've struggled with the making of this theme.

    CSS code attached below.

  • ah good idea with the + (compose symbol) i used it already in my drive extension, but forgot to propagate it to the other extensions.

    as for your midnight theme, can you send me a screenshot of it?

    redesigns are lovely, but they take a lot of testing because their are many options and different views depending on each user's configuration. So normally I try to proceed incrementally.

  • edited May 2020

    This is an image of the style mentioned above.

  • edited May 2020

    Updated version with some minor fixes:

    • Menus border

    • White search text

    • labels alignment

  • edited May 2020

    Updated with #messagesHidden transition & progress-bar colors

    Same theme can be easily changed to fit any other color scheme.

    For example: This is "Dark Brave" theme-

    * {

      --primary-text-color: #ededed;

      --primary-background-color: #222222;

      --secondary-text-color: #909192;

      --secondary-background-color: #282828;

      --disabled-text-color: #6f6f6f;

      --highlight-background-color: #393939;

      --compose-color: #444444;

      --hover-message-color: #444444;

      --error-color: #d04a48;

      --primary-color: #f15220;

      --accent-color: #f95234;

      --icons: #ffffff;


  • edited May 2020

    Also, I gathered some material design colors which should replace the current contactPhoto colors (especially the current gray which is WAY too bright):

    • Red #E57373

    • Pink #F06292

    • Purple #BA68C8

    • Deep Purple #9575CD

    • Indigo #7986CB

    • Blue #64B5F6

    • Light Blue #4FC3F7

    • Cyan #4DD0E1

    • Teal #4DB6AC

    • Green #81C784

    • Light Green #AED581

    • Lime #DCE775

    • Yellow #FFF176

    • Amber #FFD54F

    • Orange #FFB74D

    • Deep Orange #FF8A65

    • Brown #A1887F

    • Blue Gray #90A4AE

  • @Jason I uploaded the theme to GitHub for future updates.

    Can be found under https://gist.github.com/E-RELevant/e7ab7359acd0c6b72bd4394a6d7a6677

  • It's been a year... or three, since the last time. 🦥

    Is there any update on this one? I would be glad to assist you in making the transition.

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