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[Bug] Using search - green marks

Although adding a search box to the latest version of the extension is welcome, there is a visual bug regarding the results it displays.

It appears that while searching in one of the tabs that have a relevant result, it will not be highlighted in green. Alternatively, green tabs will not inherit the 'iron-selected' (selected tab) class when you move to it.


  • Thanks for the feedback, yeah at first I tried selecting the current tab, but it didn't visually appeal to me, seemed to indicate that user must click away from his current tab to see the results (as you must with the other tabs)

  • edited October 2019

    @Jason That's exactly the problem. When you move to another tab, it does not turn green. And the tab you moved to doesn't get the bottom line that it should display.

    As seen below, I switched from the "Notifications" tab to the "General" tab:

  • ok good points, i'll change the opacity of the green to show the underline...

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