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Seeing details on secondary calendars

I am able to see my secondary calendar appointments, but the administrator of the secondary accounts won't allow me to see details (it just shows as "busy").

Is there a way to "switch accounts" so I can view details of these other appointments? I was hoping Checker Plus would solve that problem for me so I don't have to keep two calendar tabs open.




  • Currently checker plus allows you to see shared calendars, but it cannot signin into more than 1 account, unless you create a separate chrome profile for that other account and install the extension under that profile. Or alternatively you can ask that calendar administator to give you access to see the details.

  • Thanks for rapid response, Jason. That's unfortunate because that would be a really useful function. I was hoping I could toggle among accounts by clicking an identity icon as in most Google apps.

    I guess this isn't going to meet my needs after all.

    Thanks again.


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