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Problems in all-day event

Hi Jason, I noticed some unexpected effect lately:

  1. By editing an existing all-day event (one day), its time automatically extends to two days even if I don't make any changes.
  2. When creating a new event, if I leave the default notification unchanged, it will create an event with another default that differs from the notifications showing on the panel. I have to edit them again in this case.

I don't create full-day events frequently. I remember there was a short time when any new full-day event would be two-days by default, but it was fixed. Hmm, guess these are the remaining issues?


  • 1) Can you tell me what exact steps you take to change the all day event, do you set it to a timed event when you change it?

    2) Can you show me a screenshot of notifications before and after you save the new event.

  • Thanks for your prompt reply. Weird. I couldn't reproduce the first problem. Sorry, just forget it :)

    Screenshots are attached for the second one. See the changes on notifications. Just trying to edit it immediately after it was created.

  • ok thanks for the screenshots, i'll add this to my queue for fixing.

  • Hey Jason so it checker plus calender won't add any dates, so I tried to sign in but it won't let me

  • @Brenna Moore Please open a new discussion for this different issue and try reinstalling the extension before.

  • Hi Jason,

    Cheers for your dedication! I have some clues on Problem 1 because it happens again. It's weird. Is it relevant to something like the time I create the event during the day?

    Here is steps I just took to reproduce the problem.

    1. Create a new event. Notice that the event is a two-day event by default at this time right after I input the event title. (Screenshot-1)
    2. I change it to a one-day event without touching anything else. A created event is shown in Screenshot-2.
    3. Edit the event, the panel opened up is showing the event time extended to two days. So if I don't do editing, just click save, then the saved event will become a two-day event. (Screenshot-3)

    I am at UTC+8 zone. I don't think the current time should have any impact on an event on Dec. 6 though.



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