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[Windows 10] Deleting email from inbox should remove it from Action Center

I am using Chrome on Windows 10, so I can't say for sure if this issue exists on other platforms (Firefox doesn't even have native notifications enabled yet).

When I delete an email, either from Checker Plus or through Gmail itself, the Checker Plus notification stays in the Action Center. Is it possible to automatically remove it?



  • There is a weird bug when they reach the action center where I'm unable to remove them after actioning the notificaiton. You could avoid them from going to the action center like such

    Start menu > Settings > System > Notifications and action settings > Get notifications from apps and other senders > Google Chrome > Show notifications in action center (Disable)

  • Unfortunately that solution wouldn't work for me, as I use Chrome to get notifications from other websites as well. If it's a Chrome bug, is there a filed issue we can track?

  • Ok I just tested click the mark as read notification button and the notification did disappear.

    When you say you delete the email with Checker Plus do you mean via the notification buttons or the popup window from the toolbar?

  • Ah, I see the confusion. I mean through the popup window (or by extension, a proper Gmail window, as Checker Plus knows when an email is removed from the inbox).

  • ok thanks for the details, i'll will log this in my dev queue for a future update.

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