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Family calendar event timezone incorrect

When using the extension to add an event to a Google family calendar (https://support.google.com/families/answer/7157782) the time zone is incorrect. I am in UK so using BST (UTC+1) now.

Steps to repro:

Month view in extension.

Click date.

type "7 pm Dinner".

Change from default calendar to family calendar.



Event created starting at 8pm.

Expected result

event starting at 7pm.

Further details:

If I click open rather than save, the event is created with the correct start time.


  • ok thanks for the details, can you also tell me which timezone your default and family calendar are set to? and in which timezone are you located in?

    you can probably see where this gets complicated :)

  • Hi Jason,

    My calendar is (GMT+01:00) United Kingdom Time

    The "family" calendar is (GMT+00:00) Coordinated Universal Time and can't be changed.

    I am in the UK so on GMT but we're on British Summer Time until 27/10 when the clocks go back. System time settings:

    I think this only started happening recently as I'm sure I would have noticed it sooner.

    Additionally the time zone appears to be set correctly for events after the clock change.


  • Hmm I'm wondering if this has to do with day light time saving approaching.

    Since you said it only started happening, I presume you've been doing similar event creations without a hitch before?

    Have you changed timezones by travelling with your laptop recently?

  • Nope - not travelled with my laptop.

    I think this has only been started happening recently as I only noticed on events I created on the 16th October and after. I don't create that many events in the family calendar so it's possible that it was happening before then.

  • So usually all timezone issues never persist and are solved by the following https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Time_is_off_or_timezone_issues

    i'll monitor this and try testing it on my end by putting in my dev queue.

  • Thanks for looking at this - I thoroughly confused my partner by adding events this week that were an hour later than they should have been.

  • i'm curious if the issue is the same regardless of the event adding method, quick add vs clicking a time slot in weekview etc.

  • Hi, I'm having the same issue too. I am in the same timezone and this has been happening for about a week. All of my calendars are set to London (+01:00) and none of those settings have been changed. In the GCal website the appointment times show correctly but in Checker Plus they show as an hour earlier - as though in UTC (or perhaps London without DST). If I use the quick add button in Checker Plus and add an appointment e.g. "8pm test" it shows up in GCal as 20:00 but in Checker Plus as 19:00. If I add something in GCal at 20:00 the same happens, 19:00 in Checker. Hope that helps!

  • Jason your suspicions were correct. Using week view and clicking on a time slot creates the event with the correct time - it does seem to be an issue with the quick add functionality.

    I don't have the issues BS is seeing. It's only events created using quick add that are created with the incorrect time. All other events display correctly.

  • Perhaps mine is a different thing then, because it definitely doesn't matter how I create the appointment it always ends up showing an hour earlier in Checker than GCal. I'm on firefox 69.0.2 on ubuntu 19.04.latest I should have said.

  • Just to note. Daylight savings has now passed, and the UK is back on GMT. If I add a new event in the same way the times are correct in both GCal and Checker. i.e. 7pm Dinner at Bob's shows as 19:00 on both. The previous events from when DST was on still show in the wrong time in Checker and the right time in GCal.

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