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Small Suggestion

This new beta version checker plus for gmail is awesome.. if themes option is available for this means it will be more cool.


  • good suggestion, let's see if others comment on it also.
  • yes like the suggestion too. 
  • edited June 2014
    Well, I'm practical guy (as well as not willing to put additional weight on devs who work on donations), so my best input here would be - create night theme, with readable but not annoying contrast (never do 000000 to FFFFFF guys, especially at night) and good palette (there are a lot of good palettes in similar vein, zenburn is a good example).
    I personally doubt I would use it, but it's most practical theme I can think of. And maybe I'm wrong and I will :P

    While I'm here and not to make more posts - my kudos to dev. Feature-rich extensions on donations with minimal artificial annoyances to force them (though i was disappointed that GCal ext can only add by quickadd and can not edit. but GCal itself is lightweight, so w/e). And your responses both in forum and changelogs are fast and furious. Godspeed.
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