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X days ago, in X days

I hate having to count weeks or do math to see how far off an important event is..

use something like timeago.js to add an optional "in X days", "in X hours", "X days ago" to the event detail/edit dialog, or other places it might be useful, for example, right justified on the agenda.


  • Can you send me a screenshot and where you'd like it mentioned - to give me context.

  • I'm sure you know about timeago.js but here's a link just in case:

    Here are a couple of quick mockups... I've only mocked up things that are more than a day away, but hours and minutes could be applied as well. timeago.js is pretty flexible and for my use case right now I'd prefer for it to stop at days instead of going into weeks, months or years. I'm sure everyone would not feel the same way, so maybe this could be configurable.

    sorry about the ?? on this one, math is hard

    amazed at your responsiveness! thanks!

  • ok thank you for the great details, i'll take note of this and see when I can fit it into my dev priorities.

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