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Quick Reply issue when using Multiple Monitors (Chrome Browser, MacOS)

When I use the "quick reply" method in the extension pulldown for an unread message, I have an issue if the chrome browser resides in one of the "extended" displays in MacOS. If the chrome browser is on the native display (in my case the laptop screen) no issue is seen.

The issue I see is that I get no local character echo unless I press the return key, after which it seems to flush a keypress buffer to the pulldown window. Further keypresses get buffered until the next return key press. The number of typos I generate in a single sentence is appalling... and thus this issue basically renders this response method useless to me. On a purely empirical observation, I also seem to hit either a character or time (less likely) limit after which even the return key can't be used to flush the "buffer" and the pulldown window hangs for many (>15) seconds before anything happens.

This seems independent of Chrome and MacOS version (at least those released in 2019) as it has existed from the first day I setup this laptop and display configuration.


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