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Checker Plus (Calendar)


unfortunately, this message always comes as pictured:

Message (That's normal and correct ⇾ Browser with Error-Tab opens).

Clearing Data was made and its only one Calendar.

Windows 10 and Firefox 69.02.

What can I do so that this message does not come back (no matter if the error persists)?

With best regards


  • Can you send me any errors in the Console tab https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools

  • Sorry but It is partly in German (Script loading Error)

    Tomorrow I'll take a closer look (Its very late)

  • Have you customized your Firefox in any other way? Flags, options or other extensions that might be interfering.

  • Yes, too many flags (>100) to put them all back and test :(,

    and about 20 other Add-ons,

    there are also new data protection options since last Update.

    Can I skip this Warning-Tab in any other Way, even if this Error is still present?

  • Sorry, but the warning is put in place because the extension won't function normally unless you resolve the storage issue.

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