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Donation, would like to use Google Pay,

I would like to donate, but wanted to use Google Pay. Considering all the work (he) does, not able to use the form of payment, is odd.


  • Try the Card button it should prompt for google pay if its detected by the browser, at least i saw it happen when i test pay on an android mobile.

  • I too would like to donate via Google Pay, using my existing Pay balance and NOT a bank/credit card and do not understand why that option isn't available? It doesn't make sense to accept Apple pay but not Google; considering Google is your "bread & butter" of extensions. I'm attaching two images for clarification, minus sensitive info...

    Using Card - Google Pay button:

    Showing my Google Pay balance; but NOT an option to use:

    Please advise when you have a moment. I would like to start contributing using 6 or more gmail accounts too but only want to use my Google Pay balance since that's what I use for other Google services like Play Music subscription, Youtube, etc...

  • @Lewis & Rhonda Fowler Hmm strange, are you signed into the extension with the same Gmail account associated with your Google Pay?

  • Yes we are logged into the same account; I just blanked them out for sensitivity reasons. It's weird because it does cary over our credit cards & paypal info, just NOT our Pay balance. I've asked the same question of Google Pay today too and am awaiting an answer from them. I'll share once I get a response.

  • Thanks, for background tech info, I am using Stripe to accept Google Pay, they added it relatively recently maybe there are still glitches with it.


  • I'll reach out to stripe today too to find out more using the same images I shared with you. Still awaiting Google response too. Thanks for the quick replies and assistance. I'm sure we can get this fixed soon :) Have a great day!

  • Google's response :(

    Thank you for contacting Google support. My name is Moses and hope you are doing great.

    I see that you would like to use Google Pay balance at a vendor. Let me help you with the details:

    The Google Pay app accepts 3 payment methods: credit cards, bank account and PayPal. Google Pay balance cannot be used for in-store, online transactions.

    Your Google Pay Balance is prepaid funds in your Google payments profile. It's a lot like a checking account. When people send you money with Google Pay, that money adds to your Google Pay Balance, unless you choose to put it somewhere else.

    You can send your Google Pay Balance to friends and family. You can spend your Google Pay Balance online at play.google.comstore.google.com and more! And of course you can withdraw your Google Pay Balance to your bank account or debit card at any time.

    If you'd like to learn more, try these great tips about how to use and withdraw and how to send and request money with your Google Pay Balance.

    So if I understand correctly, while I do have a balance and can spend it, Google Pay does not allow me to use those funds unless it is through play.google.com or store.google.com which is sad news to hear, but does explain why I cannot contribute at this time. That is unless you were to allow me to contribute via Google mail and pay you directly a full years worth of contributions instead of a monthly contribution?

    Thanks for your time and consideration in my request. Cheers to a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  • @Lewis & Rhonda Fowler Surprising, since Stripe allows me to use Google Pay on my website. Anyways you can try sending a contribution via Google mail at my contact email found on my website .. About .. Contact.

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