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Can I add the [Followup] folders to the inbox to look at hose emails?

I can't find that folder, and if I could find can you indicate bout inbox and that folder?


  • If it's a new folder, try clicking the refresh button in the accounts /labels options or in the popup window.

  • Yes, I did, but they don't show up?

  • Can you send me a screenshot of this folder in your Gmail and then the lack of if in my extension?

  • ok thanks, it's possible in the alphabetically sorted list that '[' is listed all the way at the bottom, did you verify? also how many labels do you have?

    hmm i'm also wondering if that presence '[' is what is causing the label not to appear, are any other labels starting with '[' also not appearing?

  • Good idea, I removed the [}, and now it works, now over 5 labels, but OK!


  • ok excellent, i'll look for a patch to fix this for the future.

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