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Desktop notification causing media to play

I've recently set myself a nice new gaming/creative laptop (Windows 10 Pro 64bit) and noticed something odd... whenever I click on the Gmail Checker Plus desktop notification (Rich or Text), either the window to open the message or either of the buttons (Mark as Read and Delete in my setup) it causes any paused media in the background to play as if it's a global media key.

I should mention that I do have AutoHotKey running which has a few functions such as replacing the CapsLock key as a Play/Pause key (I never use CapsLock anyhow), which I thought could have been the culprit. But I realised that it wasn't since, if the media is already playing, nothing happened upon clicking the Gmail notification (media continued to play). Disabling/closing my AutoHotKey script didn't prevent the notification from causing media to play either.

I've tried disabling other things that interact with the media keys (such as the "Key Socket Media Keys" extension in Chrome) but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas?

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