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[Suggestion] Post a Date and Time in an Email Message

Checker Plus for Google Calendar has a nice Cascading Menu when you right click in a textbox (actually anywhere on the page) you are able to select a Date and Time and it will post to the Google Calendar. It would be very helpful to have the option to use that feature directly in a gmail message and post the selected date and time directly into the email message "and/or" the Calendar. I have not found any extension that lets you post a date and time from a pop up calendar or calendar menu directly into a email message.


  • Not sure i follow, from a gmail you want to post a date and time back into an email?

  • Instead of having to type out a date and time in the email message, right click in the message where want enter a date and time, select Checker Plus for Google Calendar, select date and time from dropdown menu...have post date and time into email. This would be optional function.

  • ok i get it, interesting is there a particular reason or example of why you would use this often?

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