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The pop up window is unresponsive (ie. when I say Mark as Read it keeps them Unread) and when I try to change anything under Options it always reverts back.


  • Try reinstalling the extension.

  • I have reinstalled the app, cleared my cache and cookies and have reopened my browser-- no change.

  • When you say unresponsive do you mean it freezes or simply seems like it carries out the actions but in reality it does not?

  • It never freezes. When I click on the pop-up 'Mark as Read' it goes away but doesn't mark the email as read. When I left-click on the icon and try to turn on Do Not Disturb, it doesn't carry out the action at all. And when I go into Options and try to change something it'll say it changed but it doesn't and when I check back it has reverted to its original setting. In fact, deleting the extension and re-installing it got rid of all the customizing I had before and now I can't even get that back.

  • Do you have other extensions installed? Can you list them.

  • Snd Control, FireShot, Screencastify, AdBlock, Embed Youtube, McAfee Web Advisor, Boomerang, Timewarp, Search by Image, InvisibleHand and Photozoom for Facebook.

  • Can you disable the ad block and McAfee and see if that helps

  • I disabled both of them, reopened the browser and reinstalled the app-- didn't work.

  • edited October 2019

    Can you give me an example of an option you change that doesn't work, also after changing the option can you immediately reload the options page to verify if it saved or not.

  • When I click 'Mark as Read' on the popup it doesn't mark them as read and any change I make under Options don't stick.

  • Ok i'm going to have to suggest the following https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Chrome_issues

  • The issue was with chrome, thanks for your help!

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