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Am I doing something wrong on capturing audio for the screen capture

The screen video recording is SO awesome, super lite and fast but I can't get it to record audio, the little speaker icon on playback is grayed out. Sure I'm missing something simple. https://i.imgur.com/JhmLrnw.jpg


  • are you clicking on the mic to the right when you start the recording?

  • Oh, that's embarrassing, thank you!

  • Thanks Jason, this is a very cool tool. 3 requests or suggestions:

    1. Could the mic option be added to the "right click" menu as well?
    2. Could there be an option to "always record" audio?
    3. Is there a way to capture computer generated audio?

    It would also be SUPER awesome to have some kind of audio meter so we know that it is actually capturing the audio.

  • @David Colbeth great suggestions, i'll note them for future development if they are technically possible.

  • Thanks for the fast reply! I'm new to your extensions but so far so good!

  • Good news v10 has this new option...

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