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list pop up box

I have this dialogue box (print screen below) and for example, it shows me through yesterday, Friday the 27th, and then when I click for "forward arrow", it skips to Monday of next week, leaving out the weekend days. In other words, I cannot get it to show me today and tomorrow (and forward from there), as it start the date sequence on the arrow forward button to Monday of next week (2nd print screen below). Any idea how to get this dialogue to show me today and tomorrow? Thanks.

PS "Somehow" I created this dialogue box. It has a link on my toolbar with the letter "H" in the icon so that I can execute it from the toolbar. It is a separate popup window. Can you tell me how I created this so I can duplicate it on my laptop too? Thanks!



  • is it possible you don't have any events on the weekend?

    have you changed any options or skins that might be affecting the weekeneds?

  • Thanks! I think I found it. The setting is in the google calendar settings (event settings/show weekends). Now to my second question: "Somehow" I created this popup dialogue box (the print screens I sent to you in my first message) that has a link on my toolbar with the letter "H" in the icon so that I can execute it from the toolbar. It is a separate popup window. Can you tell me how I created this so I can duplicate this function on my laptop? Thanks!

  • If you click the maximize button while holding Ctrl you can open a popout version, more info https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Popout

  • Perfect! Thank you!!!

  • Hi Jason - I tried to create a "new discussion" within your website and it just kept circling me back to "logging in with google", even though I am "logged in". So the "new discussion" button will not work for me, hence I'm writing you a message here. My questions is this: I am trying to access “native notifications” in "chrome://flags" per a previous discussion we had awhile back, and cannot find it anymore. Do you know where it is? Thanks! Lucien

  • ok thanks i'm investigating the forum issue.

    as for the flags, they are under chrome's control and can appear or disappear whenever they want.

  • Is there a way to change the appearance of the notification that pops up in the lower right hand corner? Sometimes it has the snooze settings showing, and other times it is compacted, so you have to click on it to open it up further to see the snooze settings. In your control panel, I use your "desktop notifications/rich notification/show each in an individual notification" setting.

  • Generally no, it's Chrome's jurisdiction, can you send me a screenshot of the compacted view?

  • see below, lower right hand corner of print screen. I set up "4 tests" and only 3 popped up, so maybe it limits to the number that will show? You can also see 2 are compacted. Thanks.

  • This is probably determined by Chrome with the logic you stated.

  • Is this the only pop up dialogue box that is available? is there a setting somewhere where I could change it to something else? Is this the same dialogue box as what you see in your personal "checker plus for google calendar" extension on your computer?

  • edited November 2019

    No actually, it seems to be the "native" one.

  • so how do I get the "native" one?

  • I'm not sure have you reset your chrome flags?

    it's possible Chrome/Google is testing a subset of users with these native notifications.

  • I have NOT "reset" my chrome flags. Are you suggesting that I try that by clicking on "reset all to default" in "chrome://flags"?

  • Is there a way to get this fixed so it is like it was before. I only have one box that shows up with the snooze options, the other two do not have the option to "snooze". (see print screen). If this is not the same for your computer, perhaps you could share your "settings" with me so that I can get this to work, or maybe it is just a "bug" over all? thanks.

  • The solutions are either use the default popup window settings for reminders or reset the chrome flags or try googling for others with these weird chrome notifications.

  • where do I find the "default popup window settings" for reminders?

  • I meant this one...

  • ok, I reset the "flags" and now I'm back to the "black box" popup (which I dislike) as the pop up dialog box. Additionally, I set a sequence of "test" calendar events one minute apart, but only ONE will show at a time as a popup! So now this function is worse, not better. (see print screen). Is this just something you've given up on since Chrome changed to a newer version? There is not a way to change "notifications" in chrome://flags anymore. Are you personally stuck the the same problem?

  • Ok so as suspected it is Chrome that hides the buttons when there is more than 1 notifications to save space, you can reveal the buttons by clicking the the down arrow to the right of the notification.

  • Now my "all day events" that I set a reminder time notification "zero" days before at 12am did not pop up this morning. (this was per your instructions awhile back) I do NOT have checked in your system "do not show notifications for past events". This always worked until I reset the chrome flags yesterday. So does this not work anymore either?

  • What is the default all day reminder time for this calendar? is it 12am 0 days before?

  • Yes, see below print screen. I haven't changed anything except resetting the "chromeflags". Is there maybe something hidden in "chromeflags" as it relates to notifications?

  • Are you still getting any notifications? or just particular ones?

  • I received one I had set for 7:30am this morning, as normal. That was about 45 minutes ago. I was at my computer at 7:15am, so it popped up normally, on schedule at 7:30am. None of the "all day" ones showed up when I opened Chrome at 7:15am.

  • What are the default reminder settings for the calendar? (not the event)

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